What Is Needed to Clean Gutters

What Are the Best Gutter Cleaning Tools?

When you are searching for quality gutter cleaning tools, it is always advisable to think about your choices and overall budget. Regular gutter maintenance which also includes cleaning your gutters must be done at least twice a year and can be done using various different tools ranging from expensive to more cost effective. The cost of cleaning gutters also depends on what items you have already.

For instance, when you do not possess a sturdy ladder and have no other reason to need one except to clean your gutters, but you do own a pressure washer, think about buying a gutter wand attachment for your pressure washer. Gutter wand attachments are pipes that have a spray nozzle on one end. They fit onto a pressure washer and are long enough to reach almost every house roof line without needing a ladder. Other kinds of wands to clean house gutters are available for garden hoses. So if you do not have a ladder nor a pressure washer, then the garden wand gutter attachment will be your best bet.

But, if you have not cleaned your gutters out for quite a while, and they are now blocked with wet leaves and other such debris, then you may need a ladder so you can reach the gutters directly. Extension ladders are generally the best ones for this type of job, as they can be extended to suit most roof heights. Of course, any ladder used must be safe and sturdy.

Hand-held gutter scoops are also good gutter cleaning tools, and cheap to boot. They come with high sides which will allow you to scoop water and leaves out from your gutters to put in a bucket as you work along with them. While a garden trowel will suffice, gutter scoops generally get the job done much faster.

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