Why and When to Have Your Gutters Cleaned?

Advice Provided by a Professional Gutter Cleaning Contractor

Although gutters are used to direct water away from your house, they can gather leaves and other debris that can clog them and stop them from fulfilling their purpose. And when there is too much debris in the gutters, the water gets trapped, which can easily make them get rusty and break. Also, if the water can’t properly drain, it can freeze in the colder months and cause some serious damage that can be fixed only by replacing your gutters. And in addition to all of that, some small animals and bugs can decide to build their homes and nests among the gathered litter.

What are the benefits of getting your gutters cleaned?

A gutter full of debris is not able to do what it’s supposed to. The gathered leaves and other debris can stop the water from going into the gutter and then to the downspout. That means that the excess rain water will flow out of the side of the gutter and will go down your siding and into the garden. This can lead to some expensive repairs and also painting so the appearance of your home can be restored. And as we mentioned earlier, the gutters can rust from the gathered water, so they will have to be replaced. Also, the water that gets caught into them can freeze in winter, form some ice dams, weight them down, and damage the roofing. And all those issues we have mentioned can be avoided by simply booking a gutter cleaning contractor who can make sure they are clear and allow the water to go through them.

When is it best to get your gutters cleaned?

As with most home maintenance tasks, there is a right time for the gutter cleaning to be done, which can prolong their life and minimize the possible damage. You should get them cleaned twice every year, at the beginning of fall and spring. When you get them clean in the beginning of fall, the leaves that have to be removed will still be dry, so the whole task will be easier to complete. Thus, when it starts raining, the water will be able to go through the gutters freely and into the downspout, causing minimal damage or none at all. And when you get them cleaned in spring, they will be prepared for directing the water from the spring rains.

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